Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Think I Got Monekypox

Damn. I benn gine two days and only 1 blog been posted and from the sound of it I get the idea the team is on jenga status. I wanted to come in today but i rally woulve been good for nothing. Random back and chest pains seem like the type of thing that call for a hospital visit but i dont do hospitals. If i can operte a decent level I dont wanna know what new disease I have. If you keep regular doctors visits ur bounsd to find out something bad. I'd rather live my life unaware of the impending doom. so i basically waited that shit out. I feel fine now so expect tha kid tomorow. Crap Rurths gone I hope she wrote her article to accompany her vid In shot. I'm expecting everything to be in a jumble when i get back with everybodys plate full. I hope the team held up under the pressure.

Speaking of monkeypox (I know we werent speaking about monkeypox, just follow me.) seeing as how i was sick and all i thought about how this really isnt that much of a set back for me considering the conditions. Fpr instanc your new age american sees their doctor once evbry three months, eats a veggie with every meal and gets their flu shot evry year. I avoid hosptitals like the plague, and I dont diet healthy, and I dont wory about germs as much. Doesnt it seem like evry year we hear about another supergerm that supposed to be spread like. west nile virus, bird flu and mad cow disease. They always start out inanimals and then magically the germ mutates to a human form. I evenn heard they got a new starin of HIV and a new tuberculosis. Fuck all that. you wont catch it trust me. so eat all the cow and chicken you want becaus the new shit on the block is the plague. some scientists were experimenting with the plague (bioweapons development perhaps?) and magically the samples dissapeered into thin air. you aint hear about that shit on the newzs though. what the fuck are you experimentin wiht the plague for anyway. well i dont care if hpowever has it uses it cuz opefully it'll wipe us all away and then we could start civilization over and live in oprahs image.

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