Thursday, August 2, 2007

Katrina Cannibal

Ok, I know I haven't posted in a few days but I've been at home sick. Erratic back and chest pains and a really disoriented dizzy type of feeling. Ionno prolly something to do with the fact i read the Twinkie Book for about an hour and then stared at the computer screen for another 5 hours. (My mother has me holed up in her room on this Gerald Levert video project) But i did actually start a blog last night but I just wasn't feeling it and i have to be consistent. I'd rather do nothing than do crap. This was another one of them crappy mornings where the shirt has them permanent wrinkles. Prolly something to do with the fact that i washed clothes last week Friday and never hung them up but whatever. And then I get in the office to find out that Ruth is really gone and the group has come to a screeching halt. I was asking around nobody got anything done and everybody is just really tired. I was at least hoping that my poetry slam vid would have been handed in with an article from Ruth but alas she did not do it. WTF? this was her story how the hell could she not do an article to accompany the vid. the vid is just supplementing the article. No time to get5 pissed tho. I'm juts gonna do the article myself. Look for that soon.

Today Mr. Long "You can't say shit on a blog, it's not professional" Tran cam thru to brainstorm ideas fro tomorrows presentation. During our little session Kaira mention something about the Hurricane Katrina victims raping little kids. I'm not saying that some little kids didn't get raped but I am saying that that shit was not rampant. Jacko and Micheal Baker were not roamin the flooded streets of New Orleans. They were at R. Kelly's party. These allegations of rape against the victims reminded me of the portrayal of the stranded victims as "refugees". Martial Law was put into effect and the national guard could shoot any looters at will. I swear to Oprah I love this country. (What? You didn't read the last blog? Oprah is God where you been?) What the fuck else were they supposed to do? If you were sitting on your roof with your kids and your wife just got washed away in the current with nothing to eat. F.E.M.A. sat on their fat ass and the news copters flew right by. If they didn't eat it the food would've spoiled anyway. who the fuck are you to call me refugee? The nerve of these people. I remember the mayor at the time gettin on TV and saying that looting would not be tolerated. They werent stealing plasma screens shithead. Where the fuck were they gonna plug them without a home? I betchu if Google ran the country Katrina woulda been handled madd qiuckly. And Buck Fush becuz he flew right by the stranded in his AF1. They shoulda been lootin Rocket Launcher to shoot his ass down there with him. Catch em and eat him. But don't kill him first just break his legs so he can't run anywhere. The start cuttin off arms and legs. Mind you he's still alive so he can feel all of this. Let him bleed to death. Now I wont steal food. You happy now?

Listen wit headphones i suggest cuz its background commentary you cant hear if you play it out the speakers.

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Quarius said...

Mr. Long "You can't say shit on a blog, it's not professional" Tran

hmmmm Mr. Long is definitely asian right?lol.How ironically funny...well at least to me anyway. It just somehow seems to me that his ancestors were tryin to make a BIG statement with the name LONG.hahahahaha those LIL NINJAS.