Friday, August 3, 2007

Madd Typos (baminuilsln) Read between the lines

K.anye g.West should shut the fukc up. every time he losin an award he bitchin about how he shoulda had that. puttin down the other nomineeh.g. Of course ur upset stupid you just lost. But if your shit was better maybe you woulda won. Just go harder for next time and stop stormin off the stage. nobody owes you anything. but when you when you gloatin and shit. I'm just post postin this cuz i wanna see Rocad.F.ella do well and kanye holdin them back. He makin them look dumb and i heard lupe is gettin sick of dat shit. Lupe been asked him to do an albulm wit him but kanye be in her own space. I heard Denuan Porte aint feelin that shit either. he congragulated kanye when he won and kaney got all in his face. lupe apologized on kanyes behalf but kanye did it again. Word is one of them D12 dudes wanted to smack kanye. But who knows what the fuck lupe really said? lupe be speakin in codes. like on some subliminal shit. oh well...

Oh yeah the fusion lost again. oh well we jus gon go harder for next week. L8r.

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