Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The New Name Is: Tiger Woods

This is some bullshit. im not even gonna front like im happy wit this situation but I guess I'm beggining to accept it. The name will NOT BE SWAGG FUSION! That's what everybody is expecting us to name the group. It's wack okay at best and unoriginal. Can we please come with something new and fresh seeing as how this is a new and fresh team? One prollem we havin is that the swagg members are lookin at me and rravi like we just got dumped into they shit instead of looking at it like both teams are now mixed up. It's not team Swagg with deft Fusion on the side. It's Swagg and Fusion Mixed up like Tiger Woods.

Me and Ravi continued work on his story. Its looking good.

No rant. I need a chance to get my shit together. Ohhhhhh shit. I just realized we might have to make a new blog. I don't wanna do that. I've actually become sort of attached to this shit. Fcuk. U know what? Don't expect to hear from me in a while until shit gets more stable.

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