Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What Happened?

Our group is strecthed REALLY, REALLY thin. no one seems to be showing up this week. Just yesterday our group was handing in stories but because there was only two of us we didnt get to hand in that many stories. We hve also lost a member of our group, Ruth. It seems as if everyone is slowly disappearing.
What do we do at a time like this? What can we do? Since I will not be able to come for the following friday's it is going to be hard on the group if no one shows up on thursday to start on the presentation. Im a bit confused as to whay this is happening towards the end of this program.
On a lighter note i have sent out another story to be edited. I was stuck in a bad situation at first because my e-mail editor returned my e-mail back saying that she would not be able to edit until friday, by that time, I will not be here. So... what did I do? I sent my story to Long so that he can edit my story for me. I am crossing my fingers on this one.
I really hope that he sends the story back, edited, by tomorrow so that I can have this story done. What happened to our put together, hardworking group? I believe we are falling apart, because when someone is trying to finish their job they cannot because their is always someone who does not come in.
It should all come together in the end but I wont say that it will. Some things just have to be done to fix this and we cannnot do it with just two people at a time, the whole group has to do it TOGETHER!. The situation we are in is very frustrating but we need to cross our fingers and hope for the best, or just work with what we have.

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