Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh My Oprah

Today me and Ravi went out shooting on the bicycles for a story he is doing on the vast types of art. Planning on graffiti murals, paintings, music, and dance. We did the graffiti and the mural today. We saw old graffiti from Kayslay on a basketball court. Met some of Big L running buddies. Yo I aint rode a bike in like 4 years and I definitley felt the burn after I got off. Editing Ruth's poetry video. Not much else to say. On to the rant...

Fuck Oprah. Oh my God, blasphemy! Oh no he didn't just say that about Oprah. Don't nobody talk bad about Oprah. Who he think he is? Everybody shut the hell up. I don't see what the big deal about Oprah is. Yes she's a billionaire. Yes she gives lots of money to poor African children. So the fuck what? She helps out every African she comes across but she wont pay her sisters light bill? The sister had a job but couldn't afford her light bill and she asks Oprah to give her the money for it. Oprah says she isn't paying because the sister shouldn't be a moocher and should pay her own bills. What tha FUCK? Are you high? What the hell is 100 dollars out of your billion. she's not mooching. She has a job shithead. And even if she was mooching she's family. WTF else are you gonna do with your money? You don't have any kids. You aren't married to Stedman and there are only so many African kids wit flies in their eyes you are gonna save from the clutches of poverty and oppression.

Besides that I have kind of selfish reasons for hating Oprah. Oprah says she would not have a rapper on her show because they use offensive language. But she will have a killer on her show asking stupid questions like "What was going through your mind? Is it hard on you? I forgive you. The world forgives you." But she wont let Jay-Z on her show because he said "ho". And when she finally did invite Ludacris on her show she played a bitch move. She basically brought up all of her criticisms of hip hop (sex, violence, mysoginy) and edited the video to maker it appear as if Luda did not have a defense. She made it seem as if he just sat there saying nothing when he in fact did have a response to her comments. Your beloved Oprah lied.

Last week I was walking with Long and he was giving me advice he heard from Oprah. Apparently Oprah knows everything. Omnipotent Oprah. You worship Oprah. Can’t breathe without Oprah. You live for Oprah. Oprah is your god. You depend on Oprah. I shit on Oprah like Depends. That really chunky shit with corn in it. (TMI? I sense I have gone too far. I'll just stop here)


Quarius said...

LOL. That pic is funny. I aint know Oprah enjoys tossing people's salad lol. Oh well, guess I learn somethin new everyday.

D-Nyce said...

lol wow dynamic. this was very enlightenin about ur opinions on oprah & stuff. i thought evry1 loved oprah but i guess not.

p.s. i always enjoy ur writins kev, keep it up