Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Schizotypalic Rants

You know just when I think It's over and I can't think of anything to blog about today Poetically Inclined Ruth comes thru for the team. We needed two blogs to avoid goof points. At the end of the day my brain felt like butterscotch pudding. Couldn't think of anything to blog about and I didn't want to do one of those skimpy posts. You know the ones that go "The weather was nice today I'm happy and I had chicken for lunch. And by the way, I turn 15 in September." Who gives a shit? I know i don't. Thats why I don't post generic ramblings. I post slightly Schizotypalic ones. ( (by the way i know that this blog is kinda late. i had it saved as a draft and i just decided to put it out there)

I'm sure you have heard on the news that some cop got killed. Supposedly 3 kids killed him. Everybody wants the kids to get the death penalty but I heard a very good arguement from Chris today. The cops who killed Sean Bell didn't get the death penalty. The thought was never even seriously discussed. Nobody has even proved that these kids were all involved in the murder. Can we as a society at least prove they are guilty before we talk about killing them?

The whole idea of capitol punishment is stupid anyway. If its wrong to kill someone and the state of New York aka "the people" kill these kids; are we not murderers also? Follow me. If murder is wrong, and we kill our murderers; should we not be killed? There is obviously some type of double standard at work. Blacks and Latinos account for about 25 percent of the U.S. population but they are 60 percent of the jail population and 52 percent of capitol punishment recipients. It isn't even financially logical. It cost millions more to kill a person than it does to just lock him in a cell thanks to multiple appeals and the slow process that it takes to carry out a capitol punishment. Last but not least is the imperfect human factor. and that is that we are humans and we make mistakes. What if we make a mistake and kill the wrong person. we can't undo that. Sometimes a prosecutor just wants to make a name for himself and he will lie or bend the truth for a guilty verdict. Since 1978 121 capitol, punishment sentences have been overturned. Why? because we made a mistake? Who knows how many more we mistaked on.

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