Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stories and more Stories

As a group we are spread really thin. We are having last minute problems with completing our presentations, and all trying to be here together. I feel that we are putting more effort into trying to write more stories and work together as a group, but our only problem is that our schedules are clashing.
At least we are trying with what we have and it just may be working. My biggest concern with our group is that for the rest of the friday's to come Ruth and I will not be able to attend. We will be going to see the movie Sicko, and visiting Yale and Trinity college. I am not sure when the last day of this program is, or when Harlem Live's last day is but I wll use these trips to our advantage.
For every trip we go on, I will do a profile on them. Hopefully I will be able to get pictures but I am not sure. I really hope this wil help my team and I hope they will be happy with what I give them. Today we only had three people but we tried to be as productive as possible. Tomorrow i will not be able to make it to presentations
I really believe in our group, and hope that these last fridays wont interfere with our groups work. I will try my best to give as much as possible to my group so that it wont seem as if my life may be getting in the way. The last three weeks of this will be as productive as possible and i will try my best to be as productive as possible!

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