Thursday, July 19, 2007

Satans A Necrophiliac

Today me and kaira spent the whole day editing our presentation video with shelise (My bad if i spelled that one wrong). The most important thing i learned today was that Kaira makes a good crackhead. It was a really funny video and I'm hoping the judges don't mistake our sense of humor for stupidity. Time will tell.
I was riding the bus today and i got madd pissed at this lady. Apparently she wanted to stand where I was standing. I could have easily moved but i just didn't want to. Why should i? I was there first and she could stand anywhere else on the bus. I'm mad this lady argued with me over a place to stand. not even a seat. She goes "I'm a lady. Your supposed to let a lady stand where she wants to stand." Getthafukouttaherrre. You must be takin too much of whatever drug you on. This is the same shit wit the train. At like 8 in the morning on my way to school and the stupid passengers don't understand the concept of space. If I can feel your ass its time for you to back the fuk up. get the off the gaoddamn train and wait for the next one. I dont care if you wife can fit and you cant. wait for the next one. this phenomenon is one those few things that stretches across race, age and and class. When I see on overcrowded train i let it go and wait for the next. What is so hard to grasp about that concept? Empty. get on. Full. Get off. I pray for the day that one of these trains goes too far underground until it reaches the pits of hell just to find out satan is a necrophiliac mass rapist who has a complete collection of techno music. Damn. thats kind of fucked up... Even for me. But you see what i mean.

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C N1CE said...

Save up the funds you accumulate from this job and buy a car. That way you won't go through that anymore. Fact of the mattter is, in the next 10 years the population is supposed to double so your going to have 2 ladies wanting your spot and 2 asses, whether attractive or disgusting or male, touching you. That Kia isn't sounding as bad now, huh?