Saturday, July 28, 2007

George Carlin For President

Last night and Ruth and I went to the Harlem tea room to shoot a story on a poetry slam thingy. I was really expecting it to be wack but it was crazy. They had this one dude from BK (ALL DAY) who had the illest flow. I was really surprised and ended up enjoyin it. Shout out to Melvin who hosted and just so he knows back when I was in them Batman draws (hehe) I was fuckin wit Power Rangers and Voltron. Had the robots and all that. n e way...

After the winner was announced Ruth Had an interview set up wit tha winner who turned out to be Soulful Jones. Only problem was she didn't have any questions set up so I had to half D-Block her interview from behind the camera. I couldn't leave her there looking stupid with the camera rolling. And I asked her on the way there if she had questions ready. She said yeah. From now on I'm not even packin up the camera until I see questions WRITTEN OUT ON A NOTEPAD.

OK Thursday and Friday I was really stretched thin so I didn't have time to post anything long which is why I came thru with the video. But now I have time so here goes...

Everybodys all worked up into a frenzy over the upcoming presidential elections. Everybody wonderin who they're gonna vote 4. If ur a woman do you lean to Hillary? If ur black do you roll with Obama? What if ur a black woman? Then which one do you choose? You could always go the traditional route and vote for the 50 something year old white guy with a bad haircut which in this case I think is John Macain. Bloomberg is considering a run do we support him cuz hes NY?

I don't know about any of that but I do know 1 thing. I'm sure as hell not voting for Rudy "Under The Table" Giuliani. Since when did he qualify for the title "Americas Mayor"? Apparently he's "Americas Mayor" because he guided us during our tumultuous times of 9/11. He was the one that took care of everything and held the city up. We just wouldn't have been able to survive without him. That's the biggest piece of bullshit ever. He didn't do anything extraordinsry. He did what either of us would have done had we been in his position. He just so happened to be the guy who was in office when the planes hit. He didn't help out at ground zero cleeanup. He didn't get the volunteers medical attention. He didn't sort out the insurance claims on the building. He didn't do shit. Oh I forgot he did have a panic room built for himself downtown, so he could hide like a little bitch while the rest of us breathed in god knows what. Other than that the only thing he did was get on TV and hold numerous conferences where he reminded us how bad it was. He didn't have to do anything bcause Bloomberg was taking office a few weeks later. All he had to do was wait and stall wit his bullshit press conferences until his time was up. Giuliani is a fake ass hero of circumstance. And I'm sure as hell not voting for someone who maried his cousin. That shit is nasty like pillow slob. I don't care how distant she is.

Besides me not voting for Giuliani I'm not voting at all. Why you ask? y should I? The popular vote (that would be the votes me and you put in) don't count. Yeah they count and tally them but at the end of the day electoral college decides who the president is. They don't have to listen to who we the people vote for and they don't. Because if they did we wouldn't have George "Inbred" W. Bush in office. the thought of voting for Obama just because he is like half black doesn't entice me either. We all know politicians get in office and don't do shit. I do not want him to get elected and all the white people go "see we gave you niggers a chance and look what you did with it." Plus the fact whoever is coming into to office is gonna have a job on their hands bigger than Micheal Jackson's lawyers. Bush is leaving a sloppy mess behind for the next president to clean up and i wouldn't want to put Obama into that situation. As far as the other candidates go (Bloomberg,Clinton, and Macain) you get one you get the other. They're not too drastically different and if they get in office they will pretty much make the same decisions. ur day to day life will be the same and no matter what they say TAXES WILL GO UP. Especially with the bill bush is leaving behind with his war. Taxes are the only way the govt can raise money. They can loan money to other countries but its not enough to kee a country running.

Besides that I have no faith in government and when all of ouy inevitably complain about how much the new president sux it will be ur fault because u voted for him. That way I can bitch and complain without being hypocritical. My friend fatboy tells me this is the most retarded rationale I have ever come up with. What do yo think?

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Quarius said...

I wonder...would u still like George Carlin if he married his cousin and supported inbreeding?
Would u find it funny, just downright disgusting or both? If i actually cared I'd be off to wiki, but i don't so oh well...guess i'll never find out how retarded his kids are..that sucks.