Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Shits getting crazy yesterday I got here at 10:30 or so as usual and as usual no one from my team was here. I think its crazy how everyone wants to when the compition and no one is putting forth effort atleast on my team. Shits getting crazy i dont know what to do anymore. ITS CRAZY HOW PEOPLE SIT ON MYSPACE ALL DAY AND EXPECT RESULTS BUT MAYBE ITS ME. Monday I posted a blog called "What Is A Team?" or some shit like that in an attempted to lift up and motivate the team as a whole but that didnt work now did it? . . . -_- Any whooo!! Monday Kevin and I went to the Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture and saw a exibition called Stereotypes vs. Humantypes and I'm currently working on a article on what I saw.

While at the "Burg" though there werent alot of people at the exhibit it was truly amazing to see the affect it had on everyone who saw. Its amazing to see how blacks were portrayed then and how there are simularities to how we're portrayed now. But before I get to in depth i'll save the rest for the article.

Yesterday part of Deft Fusion went out to pass out 400 flyers so its going to be real interesting to see how people's respone to us will be. I'm Currently workin on a bunch of Projects my favorites being The Art of Expression . . . which will hopefully be a video and an article title the same thing. It is currently 1:22 pm and my team is getting ready to go out no one is here besides me and my group leader as usual so yup I'm signing out for no PEACE

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Quarius said...

HEEEY person.....anybody ever told u the saying,"UR FULL OF SHIT!"?HMMMM...I WOULDNT BE SURPRSIED. You're a funny dude.You come on the blog and post around 3 times.A less recent one saying subliminal ish about ur team by basically stating,"What is a team" and the most recent one complaining about work not getting done,much like a few of ur teammates(cus we all kno U have everything on ur shoulders-NEGRO PLZ) and talking about work. U just put the team's business out there yet Dynamic had to apologize when he did so, which he most likely didnt want to do, for stuff he said out of understandable indignation. BUT HEY..when he complains HE'S WRONG, RIGHT? Im curious...just wtf have u done to make you rightfully indignant? U NEED TO TAKE UR PENIS OUT UR MOUTH AND BE FORCEFED PRUNES CUS SOMETHING TELLS ME UR FULL OF SHIT!Good day!