Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today me and Kaira did the flyer handout competition. Nobody wanted to take a damn flyer except for some of the young people and women with their families. I was getting really tired of the rejection when I noticed this guy giving out fans. You know the paper fans on wooden sticks? Well he was giving out Lion King musical fans. And everybody loves the Lion Kings so his shit was going like hot cakes. ( hell, even I’ll admit to owning a copy of the Lion King) So the hustla in me walks to him and goes " Hi, people seem really receptive to your fans and I was wondering if I could help you out by taking 50 or so of them off your hands." Of course he accepts. So I started luring people in with the Lion King fans and giving them the HL flyers with the fans. But eventually i ran out. He gave me even more. I did get this one asshole lady who took a fan and gave me the Hl the flyer back and says “ I don’t want that I just want the fan. I which you could see how far I mentally shoved my foot up her ass. I ran out again and he only had like ten left so I saw this other girl giving out the same type of fans but they were Mary Poppins. You already know what I did. She wasn't quite as willing to share her fans with me but she gave me like 10 or so. See kids cross promotion works. That’s why dora likes marlboros. And Ozzy Osbourne likes coke.......... Coke as in Coca-Cola.... What you didn’t see the commercial?

Last night I was tralking to my friend Javien and he was telling me how his girlfriends’ father doesn't like him because he's black. Or rather he doesn't want his daughter dating him because he's black. Ummm Javien had higher S.A.T. scores than Lunar and he's not even one of the loud ignorant black people that I blogged about yesterday. The nerve of this close minded bastard. (sorry Lunar) I don't get how minorities get off being racists to other minorities. Ur Asian. He's black. At some point both of you have been fucked by white people. (sorry Rich) I really don't see the logic in it at all. I know alot of Latinos who hate Mexicans with a passion. Right now they’re probably upset that I capitalized the “M” in Mexican. I don't see how. WTF makes you so better? Both of you had fat Spanish colonial c%ck shoved up your ass for all your gold and riches. If anything the mexicans should hate you. (Disclaimer: I AM NOT A RACIST) They take all of the really brutal, grimy, low paying jobs just so they're daughter can afford a pair of skechers. Just as hypocritical are my fellow black people. We're the first ones to complain about our civil rights and how we shouldn't be hated for the color of our skin and shit. But then we will beat a dude up cuz he likes Michael instead of Mika. Who the hell cares? As long as he doesn't direct it towards you or me; we should be happy. Yes thats right I said happy. Happy because the more guys go the other way the more girls there are for us. Eventually it would backfire though because less children would be born but I’m not attracted to preschoolers anyway. And by the time we see any real birthrate decrease we'll be too old for sex anyway. Fuck viagra we would need to tie it to a splint. Selfish isn't it? Who cares? Everybody should be like me.

I'm not a Racist I just have a deep disgust in the pits of my heart for everybody. (I repeat: I AM NOT A RACIST) I have a genuine reason to hate everybody. But I make sure that hate is equally distributed among everybody and that is what makes it okay. So Vote Kevin Bell Independent candidate of the 2008 election and I will make sure that all of America is oppressed equally. God bless you. And God bless America.

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Quarius said...

"If anything the mexicans should hate you. (Disclaimer: I AM NOT A RACIST)"

First im going to be a PENIS an mention how u forgot to capitalize the "M" in Mexican.
Oh yea,secondly..if i didnt say it before..YOU'RE A RETARD umm..
And lastly, I just love how u said, "I'M NOT RACIST.....I JUST HATE YOU"..cus ya kno..EVERYONE KNOWS THATS MAKES IT ALL THE BETTER...Good luck catching CRABS.Peace.