Monday, July 23, 2007

Is this the end of summer?

As the busy month of July starts to come to an end, the days at Harlem Live start to become more difficult. Our group seems to be having a bit of trouble producing stories, and getting back on top where we once were. It is hard to do a million things at once, and not be slacking a bit on a couple of things.
Even while we worry about stories that need to be produced, we still have things on the side that STILL have to be done. Things like open house invites, projects for the next presentation and starting on a sign for Harlem Live are all still a must and have to be done soon.
Our group is capable of doing all these things but to everyone else it doesn't look like we are even trying. What are we to do? This is really hard. It is a group effort and i am pretty sure we can all do it and come together. All Deft Fusion needs is a push in the right direction, and some more hard work done should do the trick.
No one is giving up or giving in and I hope that never happens, everyone in our team is talented and everything we do is produced with thought and care. All we have to do is try again.

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