Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What The Hell Is Going On?

You know sumthin smell fishy in this bitch. Somehow The Fusion been losing for 2 or 3 weeks now (I lost count) and that shit just aint addin up. You know I been givin props to team swagg and gure but nah fuck dat. yall suck like crackhead prostitutes. No lie the Fusion fell off but we comin back. Me and Ravi comin son. Crush. I was lookin at the point chart today and that shit is just not even makin logical sense to me. Somebody must not know how to add cuz The Fusion #1. Watch ya mouf. I sat in the class today and watched frankie laff at everybody else presentations and then he got up there and bombed. His shit had to be less than 60 seconds. (laughs to self) I saw him tryna sabotage somebody else shit. That shit is petty. I got up there did my presentation and came out clear winner. If Hasha and Swag is readin this don't worry son. Chris you know I just be talkin dat nonsense. I'm just playin. You know I aint got no motivation and shit like that. (haha)

Moving on... today I was doing my presentation on why people shouldnt support the daeth penalty and i talked about how the lethal injection is a nazi invention. I guy by the name of Karl Brandt (I dont know if i spelled his name right but who gives a shit? hes a fuckin nazi.) invented the lethal injection. he was a Nazi and he was also Adolf Shitlers' personal doctor. Mr. John McKay seemed surpried like he didn't know that. You know its amazing what people will support if they don't know their history. Well for those of you who don't know the IQ test is also a Nazi invention. Harvard or was it yale? Who cares? Tomato, tomato. Americas favorite college hired the nazi to come up with a test that would keep out minorities especially Jews. So he created a test that would have questions that jews, and blacks wouldn't know the answers to. For instance: Name all of the Saints In Roman Catholicism. How the fuck should they know? They're Jewish! Still today we measure a persons smarts with IQ tests. Am I the only one who sees something wrong here? I don't know if you saw it but our miltitary was showing off its shiny new toy on aol news earlier this year. Its a ray gun that makes you feel your on fire with microwaves. You guessed it. The nazis were workin on that one during ww2. Poison gas too. Also we are the only country to have use our atomic bombs against another country. (Iran may have shitload in storage but they never went beyond test drops in the middle of butfuck nowhere) In case you didn't know the Atomic bomb wa alreadly in development by the germans when we thought of biulding one. in fact the only reason we built one was becuase the germans were building one. I betchu if they woulda finished thiers first we woulda cried no fair. Hypocritical whiny bitches.

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Quarius said...

You seem to be the type of person who possibly sniffs some shit from the discovery channel and has had the history channel's book of infinite facts shoved up ur ass. I recommend that you take a long stay at rehab and then have ur prostate thoroughly examined. Good luck with that lol.