Friday, July 27, 2007

This is deep apology to DEFT FUSION

This blog should have actually been posted yesterday... no, actually last night but my excuses wont do my group any good...
My excuses were that I arrived home late from the poetry slam, when I got home my moms started yelling then to find out later I have no internet that just made my night even worse... so I forgot about the night climbed into bed and couldn't sleep...


I attended the poetry slam on Tuesday and participated in but didn't make it to the semifinals therefore didn't make it to the finals tonight at 7 pm. But I made it my responsibility to make it a story from my team... So tonight Kevin and myself will interview THE WINNER...


Daddy Yeah RIGHT
I never found the reaon to call you daddy so I call you Sir
To: Sir "my father figure"
Somewhere, Anywhere.
At the edge of the earth, I don't care
From: You! "your daughter, your seed, your world"
In care of Yo Bitch "my mother, your wife, your second world"
Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens you figure it out!!!!, NY
You see Sir,
I won't go into the how are you doing bull shit because that is not necessary... S I'm jus going to get straight to the point at hand... Every year I update just this one poem half is true and the other half is not the half that is true though haunt my reasonalbe doubt of living... So let get it stated
You left my world when I was 4 came back for me when I was 6 and left again. Came back for me when I was 12 and left again. Came back for me when I was 15 and now I'm 17 you left for good.
I felt like you disowned me as your daughter, out of your mouth you told me dat I wasn't yours; but yet you are the one who named me. You never used my name, you perfered to call me ey gurl, like I was one of those $2 whoes on the street trying to make a quick buck to feed my family if I had any.
You use to be a churchaholic addicted to church now you are an alcoholic addicted to the curse.
I use to believe you when you made promisses now I realize that your promisses were shit! trash! and never had no meaning...
You left my mom to handle all your shit, like paying the mortgage and everything else to do with the house. My mom became my father and my superhero once you stepped out of my world. She managed to get me up at 8:00am in time for school with breakfast and lunch or maybe send to aunty so I could get some hot food in my stomach.
My moms did all of this and still went to work. Although she never made much because people don't know talent when they see talent but we made it through. I made to 17 with Gods and my mother's help didn't I? I sure made it without you or the other kid you claimed that is yours and yet I haven't seen him or her.
I call you Sir because you never been a true father figure to me. You never been the father figure I see everyday with their little daughters and sons trying to teach them a new sport by the way my sports are basketball, softbal, golf, and tennis or answering questions like "why the world go round?" so daddy why do the world go around... I daydream of having those same walks in the park or those father daughter moments with you but they never came true. I wish atleast 1 did...
With God's help so for I've graduated from pre-k, k, and grades 1-8 which you atleast got pictures to. But at every time on graduation when I walk down those isles I look for you but you never been there. Now in 10th grade lookin to go to 11th grade this September, imagin this was last year nowthis is my last year of high school. I'm wondering if God spear my life and I graduate from high school will I still be looking for you?
I can't look for you now because you because you are forever gone... You never got this, but I wasn't planning on giving it to you anyway cause probably like my pictures you leave it there on the counter and never open it. I love you daddy I never cried at your funeral but I cried when I called you Sir...
Yours truely
Your one and only
Your daughter, Your seed, Your world

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