Monday, July 23, 2007

Way Too Stressed

Okay so we did not win the presentation. I can not lie I am extremely pissed about that. I think the amount of effort and hard work that all of us in the team put into the preparation for friday definetly did not show in the presentation before the judges. I was heated friday night for a reason, and I'm still angry. I almost cried friday. I'm not sure but i think our other teammates really did not feel as emotional as I was. I'm not going to say any names but it was really difficult to work with one of my teammates that wanted the team present theway he wanted. If Everyone voted for the different idea, i understand you would get upset. But he should not have taken it so hard and still worked with everyone. I can not talk about the other teams but there really isnt any teamwork going on in Deft Fusion, and I believe it's not fair to everyone.
I can't even finish my stories that i have been working on because I have to keep track of what everyone else is doing. It's too much stress on myself and everyday I keep thinking that i'm not cut out to be the team leader. No one except me is stressed in the group. Every day the work load continously piles up for Deft Fusion and we constantly get goof points everyday. I dont know how we are ever going to get back on point if no one can be here at on time more than once a week.
It's too much on my shoulders and I dont appreciate getting blamed for something I told Ravi more than once to do. It's not's not fair.....IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!
I almost thought to say F it all and never come back. But I'm here today so that's that.
So the whole team had a meeting type conference with Melvin, Shelise and Richard. Basically no one had anything to say and everyone was tight lipped in the group. Though Melvin and Richard kept reinterating what I know that everyone has heard before. But i guess it goes in one ear and out the other. Shelise told us something that I think was really helpful to get us organized. She said that we should basically split up the "to do" list for the stories we work on and share story ideas amongst each other. I think that will definetly help stay a team and keep on track.
On a lighter note Ravi and Kevin went together on a story hunt to the Schaumburg Center. I'm really glad that they did because we really need to get our content up and give in more video. I hope we all will get a lot of work done today and for the rest of this summer because I truly did not know where we were headed.

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Tech-CUNYhonors said...

Whenever I'm stressed out, I tell myself:

Less Frustration, More Concentration

Trust me, it works because it cools you down and allows you to focus!