Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Am Not A Racist

Remember the last post when I said the judges would either think our video was completely hilarious or completely stupid? Well lets just say, they don't think crackheads make for good comedy. Our audio was screwed up. But beyond that they just didn't like our presentation much. I was thinking they might not find our video funny so I put up actual numbers as insurance but it wasn't enough. Oh well that's a possibility when you take a risk. It either works out well or it completely bombs. Everybody on my team was stressed and yelling and I was the only one calm not on edge. I had to keep it together for the group. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. We bombed. And we bombed bad. We bombed like Osamas' birthday party at a Chernobyl power plant on August 6th, 1945. (Its called Wikipeda. Use it.) I'm just taking in the comments from the judges and applying to next week. Its in the past, I’m moving on. No use having any feelings about it. Props to Chris though for leading team hasha to a win.
Me and Ravi went to the Schaumburg museum to see the stereotype vs.. humantype exhibit on blacks in media. The jackass security guard wouldn't let us record video or take pictures. I bet if I had a CBS press badge he would been drooling for me to take video. Asshole.

Disclaimer: I am not racist. I am Black. And I do not hate other black people or any other group of people for that matter. I merely think some of the things we do are stupid.

Yesterday I was on Pennsylvania Avenue and Atlantic Avenue and there was this black lady with a ford taurus. There's nothing wrong with that except for the fact that she had rims. Spinning rims. Spinning rims have been retarded since the first day they came out but at least people once thought they were hot. Basically everybody now has come to the consensus that spinning rims are wack. And she didn't even have real spinning rims but spinning rim attachments. 10 inch rims attachments. Ok the ford taurus came out in like 1997. That means that it qualifies for hooptee status. a hooptee with spinning rim attachments. Which reminds me of the stupid spinning rims sneakers. I knew somebody who had a pair and for the whole day of school walked around lifting his pants leg so that everybody could see his rim spin. I've seen Jim Carrey do smarter things than that. There are also spinning rim chains and watches. I basically hate spinning rims with a passion. Speaking of watches... Why do stupid black people buy watches that tell you what the time is i Tokyo? You know yo broke ass aint neva gonna leave New York, let alone Harlem so why do you need to know the time anywhere else? You don't know anybody in London, Los Angeles or Paris. And how much did that watch cost? Oh really? Don't you live I the projects with ur mother? Isn't ur rent 3 months late? oh it is? Oh o.k. Ur a dumbass. Go back to sleep. One more and then I'm out. What the hell is it with black people and fur coats? First of all fur is only for women and rappers. You are neither so take off that tacky piece of shit. And since when do rabbits grow in royal blue? and just so you know chinchilla is a rodent. You just paid $3,000 to wear a bunch of rats. Didn’t ur baby run out of milk formula? I bet you feel really smart. You know what's really funny? These are the same people who complain that they're broke and get the court appointed lawyers when the get into trouble because they couldn't afford it. LMFAO!!! Oh my god I swear I love black people.

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Quarius said...

"LMFAO!!! Oh my god I swear I love black people."

Public transportation is homo as hell. I was dumb late for my job...I wonder what happened..I left so could this have happened..I watch ONLY TELLS TIME IN TOKYO.