Friday, July 27, 2007

I Feel Like Dre After The Chronic 2001

Ahhh. We won. With everything stacked against us as the underdogs we won. Everybodys schedule conflicted with shooting time and half our group was absent but with that drive and longs help we won out the competition. I would like to send out a mmiddle finger shout oit to all of the tother team members who put us inthe underdog category. We won by a few points but next week, I'm looking for the decisive crush!

Okay I know I usually do a rant, but today I have a video for you to watch. Don't worry it's not amusement park or lipgloss. this is a real music video. Not 1 ass shaker in this video. Enjoy and if u dont like it go to hell and burn with the fire of a thousand suns.

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Quarius said...

That video's hot, but there's just one thing i cant help but not like....Chamillionaire as a white dude is borderline hideous. He looks like a fucked up cross between a troll and a mammal-damn cant think of one..imma just say Chamillionaire for now lol. Anyway,....peace.