Monday, July 23, 2007

What Is A Team?

What is a team? Is it simply a four letter word or does it have more meaning? What makes a champion? Is it one star player trying to carry an entire team and when things don’t go as planned he/she bitches up and requests a trade or a change ie; Kobe Bryant. Is it Kobe or the Lakers, a team or a player? Is it one person that wants all the glory for him or herself? Does a team necessarily have to win? Is there a star on a team or does that team create the star? All of these are a series of questions that all come back to the title, What is a Team?

The word team means a distinguishable set of two or more individuals who interact dynamically, interdependently, and adaptively to achieve specified valued and shared objectives.

So ask yourself as I did. Do you have a team? Whether family, a cluster of friends, or co-workers, no one can make it by themselves, everyone needs has or had help at one point or another. So to all “teams” whether professional, major or minor to excel you have to be an alliance or a fusion. When Team Swag member says, “Deft Fusion/ Best Losin’ you have to ask is it a dumb nursery rhyme or a harsh reality.

A fusion is a coming together of two or more element to create one more powerful than the original. We are Deft Fusion but what is Deft Fusion? Deft Fusion is simply two words until proven other wise. Most successful teams are successfull because they have chemistry. A marriage is a team that is successful because of chemistry. This is a wake up call to anyone and everyone on any team, this isnt disrespect but simply a motvie to redirect. . . . . ~Holla~


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