Monday, August 6, 2007

Time to Set It Off!!!!!! (read between the lines literally) read in Number sequence

1)I'm glad to see my ni**a Lupe's back in action delivering perpetual truth. It seems that K.anye g. West is really takin his on words
(What Is a Team?)
2)to heart i.e the song "Can't Tell Me Nothin'". I have alot of respect for Ye' as a person but as Jay-Z said on the
(What Is a Team?)
3)"Encore" (interlude). This is a public service announcement Sponsored by Just Blaze and the good folks at Rocad.F.ella Records.
(What Is a Team?)
4)K.anye g West can't produce, spit, write songs for others, do "commercials" and still expect the same quality. Though "she's" on
(What Is a Team?)
5)the "Roc", she has her own lil lable G.O.O.D Music but though the lable is filled with Grammy Caliber talent it will never excel
(What Is a Team?)
6)until Mr. K.anye g West focuses as the leader of G.O.O.D Music.

As K.anye g West said on "Number 1" Pharrell's smash hit (slightly altered)

A-a-and you don't be givin me my space a-a-and/
You be all up on +myspace+ a-a-and/
You on some other shit I hate w-w-what/
ca-ca cause you violate/
Tonight man I ain't in the mood for it/ . . . .

Good Night . . . . Im'a leave it at that. . .

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